Files transfers between two or more devices at a blazing speed are no longer a myth. ShareIt uses the WiFi feature of the smart phones and other devices to carry out the file transfers at speeds which metres to about 200 times more as compared to the speeds achieved in the conventional file transfer methods like Bluetooth. ShareIt for Windows 10 application lets the users to share a number of file types from one device to another at a very fast speed which makes the app one of the best utility tools that one can find on the Google Play Store. The ShareIt app is available on a variety of platforms and is free of cost.


As the name of the application suggests, it can be used to share files between devices. One of the best features of the app that makes it unique is the cross-platform utility. The sender and receiver do not need the same platform to make full use of the features of ShareIt app. Again, since ShareIt is compatible with a great number of platforms, this feature is highly helpful for the users. The conventional transfer methods had limited usage in this context and hence ShareIt is a worthy upgrade. There is no specific network restriction for using this application. The transfer speed is probably the fastest and the coverage area is great as well. The coverage area that ShareIt provides is one of the best among all other competitor apps in the segment. The compatible file types which can be transferred using ShareIt is huge in number. The application can also be used for the wireless control of the presentations giving them an extra charm.


The ShareIt application is compatible on a good number of platforms. The compatible platforms of ShareIt file transfer application include Android, Mac devices, Windows Phone, Ios devices, Windows XP/7/8 and many more. The application tends to dissolve the boundaries in terms of file transfer and can be used with any of the sender receiver platform combinations.


The app is available for direct download and install from the app stores of the different devices. The users can also download a genuine version of the app from the official website of ShareIt and install it manually. However, they should carefully check the authenticity of the app before installing and not end up installing any fake versions.

The application is very easy to use. The sender needs to select the file that he needs to send and the receiver just needs to click on receive so as to receive the file. As soon as the connection is established between the two systems through WiFi, the transfer of the required files occurs at a great speed.


The app is available free of cost for the users and is a must have for all the smart phone users. The app currently has a user base of over 600 million globally. The users have given great reviews for the application which testify how useful and easy to use it is.